Mi-Clos Studio
Based in Lyon, France

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May 2011


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The Sigma Theory
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31 rue du Guicholet
69390 Millery

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The team behind Out There is composed of Mi-Clos Studio, which is lead by Michael Peiffert, and FibreTigre. Together, they have launched the mobile hit Out There to the universe.


Mi-Clos Studio

Michael Peiffert was a senior art director in the web design industry. In the past, he has won several prizes for his work on user-experience and design. In 2010, he founded his one-man company, Mi Clos Studio, and began his career in the game design industry. His first game was released in 2011: Space Disorder. Michael loves Doom and is the 15th best player in France on the Xbox Live Street Fighter IV. FibreTigre has been writing interactive fiction for 12 years and has released a couple of serious/experimental games. He has written about video games in French publications, such as Wired France. FibreTigre loves turn-based games such as Gladius and X-Com and has finished both Dark Souls. Michael and FibreTigre met twice, first when Michael was pitching Space Disorder at a lecture, then when FibreTigre made a lecture about Gamebooks and their influence on modern video games. Since they both loved sci-fi, they agreed to embark on the Nomad for the Out There adventure. During Out There, FibreTigre crafted the text and the game design, whereas Michael took care about everything else: coding, art direction, graphic assets and communication. They created Out There with nearly no budget, working part time. Difficult times, but these difficulties reflected in the harsh perils and loneliness the players can experience with Out There.

Incoming projects

Now that Michael and FibreTigre know how to work together, they have already devised a line up of games to come: Out There Chronicles (a digital gamebook in the Out There universe, written by FibreTigre), the turn-based spying and diplomacy game The Sigma Theory and the cooperative crime investigation visual novel Antioch.



The Sigma Theory - Teaser Trailer YouTube

Out There: Ω Edition - Launch Trailer YouTube

Void And Meddler - Teaser Trailer YouTube

Casual Connect talk YouTube



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Best Game Design Award - Casual Connect" -
  • "Game of the Week - TouchArcade" -
  • "Gold Medal Award - PocketGamer" -
  • "Best Mobiles Games of 2014 - Game Informer" -
  • "Best Mobile Games of 2014 - Grab It Magazine" -
  • "Leftfield Collection Official Selection - Rezzed 2013" -
  • "Indie Games Arcade Official Selection - EGX 2013" -

Selected Articles

  • "A triumph!"
    - Owen Faraday, Pocket Tactics
  • "Excellent!"
    - Atlas Burke, Games Radar
  • "When deep space is so often the backdrop for combat missions or romance options, the distractedly terrified, lonely, whimsically unstable meanderings of Out There’s narrative are refreshing."
    - Daniel Nye Griffiths, Forbes
  • "The game manages to capture that amazing feeling of being alone in space, but packages it in a way that makes it satisfying even in quick bursts."
    - Andrew Webster, The Verge


Team & Repeating Collaborators

Michael Peiffert
Creative Director

Game Designer, writer

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